Year 11

Staff across each subject area have worked hard to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils.

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Subject intent

The information belowhighlights the intent behind each subject in Year 11, including the knowledge and skills we aspire for pupils to achieve.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 English curriculum intends to foster the pupils’ interest in Literature and Language. In the realm of Language, our goal is to nurture confident speakers who can adeptly present ideas in a formal context, actively listen to feedback, and pose questions to clarify information—all while using standard English. In the field of Literature, our intention is to expose pupils to a diverse range of texts and genres from the literary canon, ultimately transforming them into inquisitive yet critical readers. In the context of writing, our aim is to cultivate effective writers who can skilfully deploy figurative language and analyse texts. These skills are pivotal for obtaining a recognised qualification and gaining entry to a chosen career pathway.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Maths curriculum intends to embed key mathematical skills so that pupils can become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, reason mathematically, and problem solve by applying their skills and knowledge. We intend to consolidate pupils’ understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their mathematical competency and fluency. This will in turn enable pupils to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills to gain recognised qualifications, which will give them access to post-16 courses and the world of work.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Science curriculum aims to cultivate curiosity and foster an inquisitive mindset about the universe. Our lessons revolve around the development of scientific inquiry skills, including classifying, comparing and contrasting, predicting, making models, gathering data, measuring, and finally, observing. The intention is to expand upon and deepen pupils’ scientific knowledge while enhancing their understanding of ideas and concepts introduced in earlier Key Stages. Given that the subject is taught across the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, our goal is to broaden and nurture pupils’ interests in specific areas of Science, with the ultimate aim of obtaining a GCSE qualification, or equivalent. The study of Science at Key Stage 4 provides pupils with a foundation for more advanced studies, laying the groundwork for a diverse range of careers.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Art curriculum aims to enhance pupils’ resilience and creativity through focused independent exploration of materials, processes, thoughts and their own ideas. It is intended that pupils will have the freedom to express themselves imaginatively and inventively. Pupils will develop skills to contextualise and critically analyse historical and contemporary artforms, ensuring a meaningful and valuable artistic experience within their journey. It is intended that pupils will be able to understand the many different progression pathways available to them within the arts and gain a valuable insight into how art is embedded throughout much of today’s culture and society.

Business Studies

At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Business Studies curriculum intends for pupils to take a journey through the world of business, providing them with the knowledge and analytical skills required to make business decisions and become Entrepreneurs of the future. It is intended that pupils will foster a growth mindset, discover a deep-rooted passion to innovate, and recognise the qualities required to succeed in business, in the fast-paced, global business environment in which we live; all whilst gaining a GCSE qualification.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Construction curriculum intends to prioritise practical, job-focused activities, thoroughly preparing pupils for the working world. Through hands-on experiences, it is intended that pupils acquire essential skills in various construction areas, promoting personal development and maturity. This curriculum not only enhances technical proficiency but also cultivates planning and organisational skills crucial for life after school. Connecting classroom learning to real-world applications, it equips pupils with practical knowledge and vocational skills vital for success in the construction industry. The ultimate aim is to ensure a smooth transition into the professional world or Further Education, where pupils are well-prepared and confident in their abilities.

Food Technology

At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Food Technology curriculum intends for pupils to explore the art of cooking and food innovation. Focused on practical application, the curriculum supports pupils in developing vital skills linked to the nutritional value of food, as well as discovering different cooking techniques. The curriculum intends to provide pupils with practical and theoretical learning opportunities so that they have skills and knowledge required to access an appropriate qualification pathway whether it be at BTEC L2 or a GCSE qualification.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 History curriculum intends to refine pupils’ historical understanding, critical analysis and independent research skills.  Pupils are encouraged to explore connections, causation and differing perspectives. Through engaging with primary and secondary sources, the curriculum intends to cultivate a nuanced appreciation for historical contexts. Additionally, the curriculum aims to prepare pupils for further academic pursuits and instil a sense of historical curiosity.  This will empower pupils to navigate the complexities of the modern world with a well-informed historical perspective, allowing them to achieve a recognised qualification.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 Music curriculum intends to not only focus on helping pupils to express themselves creatively through performance and composition but also includes preparing pupils for music industry careers. This comprehensive program ensures pupils not only cultivate a thorough understanding of music but also acquire practical skills, providing them with the essential knowledge for successful endeavours in the dynamic music industry. The curriculum aims to empower pupils with a well-rounded musical education that prepares them for a variety of opportunities and challenges; all whilst gaining a BTEC qualification.


At NRHS, the PE curriculum intends to adhere to the philosophy of ‘Sport for All’. The school aims to deliver an exciting and enjoyable experience for all pupils acquiring the skills and knowledge in line with the National Curriculum. The broad and balanced curriculum aims to re-cap, re-call and build on prior knowledge using a range of physical activities. Through a carefully structured programme, we aim for pupils to build their physical, social and mental skills, enabling them to fully participate in a range of roles in PE. All pupils at NRHS have the opportunity to participate in an extensive Extra Curricular/Enrichment programme, which develops pupils’ confidence in applying their skills in competitive situations.


At NRHS, the Key Stage 4 PSHE curriculum intends to build on knowledge, skills and attributes for navigating future pathways into a healthy, safe and successful adulthood. Pupils explore their attitudes, values and beliefs, developing understanding of others perspectives. The curriculum focuses on the use of distanced and experiential learning opportunities so pupils can practice managing influence and risk, learning to make informed decisions about health, relationships, financial capability, future learning and employability. The curriculum intends to ensure our pupils are prepared for life in the modern world, equipped to live as happy, healthy and fulfilled adults, able to navigate diverse and ever-changing communities and work-places.