All pupils in Key Stages 3 & 4 (Years 7 – 11) are given a daily blue points card, which is marked by the teacher in each lesson that they attend. Pupils can receive receive points for:

  • Being safe.
  • Following instructions.
  • Being respectful.
  • Their attitude to learning.

Pupils can earn additional points based on their own individual targets. This target aims to incentivise pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and addresses areas in which the pupil needs to focus their efforts to achieve their maximum potential.

Points are also rewarded for wearing the correct school uniform and punctuality; extra points can be earned for outstanding work or exemplary behaviour and attitude.

The daily points awarded are added up and added to their account. Points can be exchanged for a variety of rewards including vouchers, days out and electrical items. Pupils can choose to spend their points on smaller rewards or save up their points for a larger reward.