Pupils have a home/school report that is completed throughout the day by the class staff team.  A pupil can receive a maximum of 26 points each day relating to their learning, safety and individual behaviour target.  The pupil takes the report home at the end of the day and the expectation is that the report is returned, signed by parent/carer the following day.  The pupil’s points are then recorded on their school ‘bank’ account.  When pupils have 200 points or more, they can visit the department shop to exchange their points for an item of their choosing. Pupils can also exchange their points for other activities such as film afternoons.

We have three key rules – to be safe, to listen to our adults and to be respectful.  Consequences for not following these rules include missing out on reward time or playtime, delivering apologies to those hurt, or upset, by the pupil’s behaviour and loss of points.  Pupils also lose points from their account if they intentionally cause damage to the building or any items in it.

At the end of each morning and afternoon reward time is allocated for pupils to have some choosing time if they have completed all of their work and have no consequences.

Pupils earn SEAL stars for demonstrating SEAL Values.  These are put up on their individual SEAL charts.  Adults are specific about what the pupil has done to receive the SEAL star referring to the values.  Once a pupil has completed their chart, they receive a certificate in Assembly and are celebrated by the department.

Class teams work together to earn team points.  Once a class has 10 points they decide on a reward as a group. The more team points the class accumulate the greater the reward.

Reward trips are arranged to celebrate pupils who have engaged well with their learning, followed instructions, behaved safely and have shown respect to others. These will take place throughout the course of the year and the children’s adults will be notified with a permission letter.