Primary pupils have a range of opportunities to be rewarded in line with the school Behaviour Policy, the Primary Reward System aims to acknowledge pupil’s efforts and commitment to school life.

This is based on pupils collecting Reward Points. They are able to collect Reward points, which can be done in three ways:

How to get Reward points

Home School

Each pupil has an individual Home/School card that is completed throughout the course of every school day. Pupils receive Reward Points for each lesson if they complete their learning, have been respectful to other pupils and adults and have managed to stay in the right learning space. There are a total of 26 points available for these three areas. Pupils are awarded an additional two points each day if they have met their individual SEMH target. The Home/School card is sent home with pupils each evening for Parents/Carers to view, comment on and sign before it is returned to school the following morning.

Excellent Work

Each pupil has the opportunity to earn an additional 5 reward points a day showing outstanding effort with their class work.

Values Chart

NRHS has 8 core values, 5 of which are displayed on each pupil’s Values Chart. The Values Chart (as seen below) focuses on Friendship, Equality, Perseverance, Respect and Courage. When pupils demonstrate one of these values, they may receive a star to add to that value on their Values Chart. Once every value has 3 stars, they can cash in their Values Chart for a bonus 250 reward points.

Class Reward Points

In addition to Reward Points, individual classes are able to earn a Class Reward based on how they work together, manage group decisions and help each other. There are a range of Class Rewards, whether it be a trip to the Cinema or a trip to the local Ice Rink. Each reward comes with a different points value. The class are able to earn 1 point per day should they have demonstrated the aforementioned qualities.

Book of Excellence

Class Teachers are able to send outstanding work to the Headteacher to be considered for the Book of Excellence. If approved by the Senior Leadership Team, pupils are rewarded with a £10 voucher.

Points Mean Prizes

Every week each class gets to visit the NRHS School Shop. The Shop contains a range of treats from Pokémon Cards, to sports equipment, games and a range of electronic devices. The stock in the shop changes regularly and pupils can put any requests into the suggestion box of any items they would like to see stocked in the shop. Pupils should certainly keep an eye out for some of the shops special events whether it be the Halloween or Christmas sale.