In addition to following the National Curriculum at NRHS, we have a comprehensive Enrichment Programme to enhance pupils’ learning opportunities and help pupils develop emotionally and socially. This programme allows pupils to develop their inter-personal skills and self-image, improve social skills, and build friendships. The Enrichment Programme is an opportunity for pupils’ learning experiences to be extended into the community and expose them to experiences they would not have ordinarily outside of school.

Swimming:  We want our pupils to develop healthy habits and understand that consistent exercise will support their physical and mental development. Our message to pupils is that exercise is fun, and one way to incorporate exercise into their lives is by learning how to swim. The coaching sessions take place in our local swimming pool and are taught by a Swimming Coach. The Coach has designed the programme with the needs of our pupils in mind and creates opportunities for pupils to learn how to get in and out of the pool safely, control breathing, float and tread water and swim with forward motion. Swimming is available to pupils from Year 1 to Year 11.

Diverse Voices: Self-confidence and self-expression are essential life skills that we want our pupils to develop during their time at NRHS. Our Drama lessons are run by an external company called Diverse Voices. Pupils will participate in workshops to build their confidence, self-expression and creativity using drama and role play. The objectives are to engage pupils who have limited access to the arts and use Performing Arts as a vehicle to explore issues and topics relevant to our pupils.

Horticulture: Many pupils need to spend more time outdoors and we are on a mission to change that!  Learning about where our food comes from and how it is produced is an essential life skill.  During the time pupils spend on the allotment, they learn about the journey our food goes on before it ends up in the supermarket and on our plates. Pupils learn how to plant and harvest crops such as Pumpkins, Strawberries, Potatoes, etc. and can make delicious meals using the produce they have grown in our Food Technology classroom.

Lambourne End:  We want our pupils exposed to various outdoor physical activities and push them out of their comfort zone. Pupils participate in a programme organised by the team at Lambourne End, which involves Climbing, Abseiling, Rope course, Caving, Raft Building, Zip Wiring, Rowing and many more activities. Pupils are encouraged to be brave and take part in activities that they find uncomfortable with the aim of improving their self-esteem and confidence and helping them to feel a sense of achievement.

Care in the Community: Part of our school vision is to ensure that pupils become productive members of society and understand the importance of charity and caring for those who are vulnerable. In Year 11, pupils take part in visits to our local soup kitchen and retirement home. These experiences help pupils to develop their empathy and improve their conversational skills. We know that pupils have found the visits inspiring and always return to school with some beautiful stories to share with the rest of the school.

Bike Workshop: Following the successful Bikability programme in Primary, pupils can take part in a 12-week programme learning how to care for their bikes and about road safety. The course is led by a bike repair specialist who teaches pupils to repair flat tyres, punctures, brakes and chains. Pupils also learn how to know if a bike is a suitable size for them and what protective equipment they need when cycling.  Once the pupils have completed the bike workshop, they test their skills on at the Olympic Part on the BMX track, Velodrome and Mountain Bike course.

Box-Up Gym: Physical health and fitness are a priority for our pupils at NRHS, and we want to introduce pupils to as many sports as possible so that they can find at least one they enjoy and continue to participate in for the rest of their lives. Our local boxing organisation, Box-Up Crime, offer pupils the opportunity to train in one of their local gyms. Pupils will participate in a programme to support their mental wellbeing, physical fitness and stamina. They will learn strategies to manage self-control and emotions and become more resilient. The benefits of working out and boxing are endless. The Coaches also teach pupils determination, courage and perseverance, which are some of our school values.

Rowing: As part of the school’s Rowing Programme, pupils visit the Royal Docks Rowing Centre and the Olympic Park in Stratford, where they will work with an experienced team of Rowers to improve their understanding of what is required to row in open water successfully. This will include learning about co-ordination and rhythm on different types of boats. Building on the rowing skills previously learned, pupils will develop more holistic skills such as problem-solving, leadership, resilience, and teamwork. This will see pupils progress through a range of challenges in the in-door gym and training pool before being set free on the open water to put into practice all they have learned.