Ethos, Vision & Values

At New Rush Hall School (NRHS) our Ethos has clear vision and values.


Where doors are opened, resilience built and attitudes and lives are transformed.


Learning and developing together for achievement.

Our aim is that all members of our school community learn together to achieve. We want all pupils at NRHS to have opportunities in the wider world and to help remove barriers that they may face. We work endlessly to encourage pupils to be resilient and to continue to succeed and work hard even when it seems things are not going as planned. We want our pupils to be confident with positive attitudes and perseverance so they can be successful in their own way and enjoy the journey along the way.


Friendship, respect, equality, courage, determination, perseverance, resilience and inspiration.

Friendship – we acknowledge many of our pupils have faced difficulties forming friendships with peers in mainstream settings, we aim to provide ample opportunity for pupils to form friendships inside and outside of the classroom. At NRHS class sizes are small with a maximum of 8 pupils per class, this small nurturing environment means that we can focus on developing social skills, allowing pupils to form strong bonds with their peers.  We ensure that pupils have fun and unique experiences together so they can have positive memories and long-lasting friendships when their time at NRHS comes to an end.

Respect – pupils are encouraged and expected to show respect to all. We want our pupils to have the skills to show others empathy. Staff lead by example and show pupils respect at all times, we have an approach of constant positive regard for the pupils in our care. We work hard to create a calm, loving and welcoming environment. We teach pupils how to speak to each other respectfully as well as embracing those who may have different values and beliefs to themselves.  We teach pupils that the language we use, and the actions we take, matter and can have an impact on others so it is important to think before we speak or act. This is partially achieved through our PSHE curriculum and our weekly enrichment programme. It is something that we embed in our day-to-day activities at NRHS.

Equality – our school priority is to have a school community where everyone is treated equally. It is important that we recognise the difference between equality and equity. We work with each individual pupil to understand their personal circumstances to ensure that we provide a bespoke package for each pupil.  We create opportunities for pupils, inside and outside the classroom, to help them understand the importance of equality and how to deal with any experience of inequality that they may face. 

Courage – we know that our pupils are filled with courage. Many of them have faced adverse childhood experiences and trauma. We do not take away or diminish the impact some of these negative experiences have had on our pupils. We do not expect our pupils to just ‘get on’ with it but instead, we use strategies to teach pupils the skills to manage the challenges they face. We know that everyone’s journey through life is different and that at times we all have to be courageous even when it feels uncomfortable.  We encourage pupils to be forthcoming and stand up for themselves and others in times of need. We focus on the importance of not being a bystander.

Determination – we want our pupils to keep striving and achieving even when the door closes or things don’t work out the first, second or third time trying. We use our Careers programme to show pupils options and future opportunities and aim to embed a ‘can do’ mindset in our pupils. When you enter the building at NRHS you can feel the positive energy from staff who are passionate about their work and care deeply about ensuring each pupil achieves.

Perseverance – we always start each day with a fresh start and do not carry over yesterday’s baggage. We start fresh and start again. At NRHS each morning, form tutors set pupils personalised targets which pupils work on throughout the day to achieve. Our aim is to remind pupils that setting goals is important but also to remember that achieving and making positive changes takes time. We want pupils to understand that self-improvement is something that we all continue to work on throughout our lives. Pupils can earn rewards and commendations through the daily progress chart or by demonstrating the school values.

Resilience – we want our pupils to be brave and face challenges. We do this by ensuring our classrooms are safe spaces, where failure is not frowned upon but seen as an opportunity to grow. We want pupils to understand that failure should not be viewed as negative but that it is something we can use to improve our skills and learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Inspiration – teachers lead by example and show pupils passion for their subject areas and encourage them to think outside the box and focus on the bigger picture, supporting all pupils to reach their potential. We invite local professionals into our Careers Events so pupils can meet local positive role models who are from the same area and the same background but have managed to achieve their goals. We have created an NRHS ‘wall of fame’ which is filled with past pupils’ achievements, their GCSE results and their next chosen destinations.

Primary Rewards

Secondary Rewards