At NRHS, the English curriculum intends to develop a love of literature and the fundamental literacy and communication skills needed to succeed in life.


At NRHS, the Maths curriculum intends to develop reasoning, fluency and problem-solving skills so that our pupils develop a love of Maths and the confidence to apply their learning to everyday life.


At NRHS, the Science curriculum intends to build on pupils’ natural curiosity of the world around them and to appreciate the impact of scientific progress.


At NRHS, the intent of the Art curriculum is to provide opportunities for pupils to express themselves creatively through a range of art mediums and techniques.  


At NRHS, the Computing curriculum intends to build on the pupils’ knowledge of algorithms enabling them to design, write and debug programs. We will continue to ensure that pupils use technology safely and respectfully, both in and beyond school.

Design & Technology (DT)

At NRHS, the DT curriculum intends to enable our pupils to become digitally literate so that they can safely participate in the digital world.

Food Technology

At NRHS, the Food Technology curriculum intends to expand pupils’ horizons with regard to different cuisines so that they have the confidence and ability to cook for themselves.


At NRHS, the Geography curriculum aims to develop understanding and knowledge of the wider world, both natural and human aspects. . We intend to inspire pupils to be fascinated, curious and intrigued by the world and the people living on it.


At NRHS, the History curriculum intends to build on pupils’ natural curiosity and enable them to make connections about their own lives and what happens in the world around them.


At NRHS, the Horticulture curriculum intends to introduce basic skills and knowledge in the production of food crops, biodiversity, ecology and permaculture developing a lifelong interest in horticulture and its benefits.


At NRHS the P.E. curriculum intends to improve fitness and wellbeing and promote healthy lifestyles.  Pupils will benefit from daily physical activity to promote better self-regulation and improve concentration.


At NRHS, the PSHE curriculum intends to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes pupils need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepared for life and work, whilst promoting community cohesion and British Values or respect and tolerance.


At NRHS, the RE curriculum intends for pupils to be able to describe their own beliefs and why they hold them, whilst being eager to learn about others, including those who do not follow a religion. Respect and understanding are embedded in our curriculum.


At NRHS, the Spanish curriculum intends to give all pupils the opportunity to study a foreign language and develop their interest in other cultures as global citizens