At NRHS, the English curriculum intends to inspire a love of literature through the reading of various texts from the literary canon. Additionally, it seeks to empower confident speakers who can not only present ideas in a formal context, but also apply these skills to succeed in life.


At NRHS, the Maths curriculum intends to develop reasoning, fluency and problem-solving skills so that our pupils develop a love of Maths. This will in turn boost their confidence in order to apply their learning to everyday life.


At NRHS, the Science curriculum intends to build on pupils’ natural curiosity of the world around them and to appreciate the impact of scientific progress. Pupils are encouraged to understand how science can explain, predict and analyse causes and events.


At NRHS, the Art curriculum intends to foster freedom of expression. Pupils are empowered to explore their creativity, embrace diverse perspectives, and communicate personal narratives through artistic mediums, cultivating a vibrant and inclusive artistic community. 

Business Studies

At NRHS, the Business Studies curriculum intends to inspire pupils to appreciate the importance of enterprise, think analytically, solve problems and aspire to be the business leaders of tomorrow, all whilst taking a journey through the forever evolving, global business world.


At NRHS, the Computing curriculum intends to develop pupils’ computational thinking skills so that they are able to participate effectively and safely in a digital world. This will in turn allow them to express themselves and develop their ideas through information and computer technology.


At NRHS, the Construction curriculum intends to prioritise real-life practical skills and expose pupils to various construction disciplines. It intends to emphasises hands-on experience, problem-solving, and technical expertise which empowers pupils with practical life skills. Through this diverse curriculum, it is intended that pupils gain valuable insights into the Construction industry.

Design & Technology

At NRHS,  the DT curriculum intends to enable our pupils to learn how products and systems are designed and manufactured. They will learn how to be innovative and to make creative use if various resources including traditional and digital technologies, to improve the world around them.


At NRHS, the Enrichment curriculum intends to provide pupils with a range of experiences that they may not otherwise have access to outside of school. This curriculum intends for pupils to develop their interpersonal skills and self-image, improve social skills, and build friendships, in line with the NRHS school values.

Food Technology

At NRHS, the Food Technology curriculum intends to help pupils gain the confidence and skills to cook various cuisines independently. The curriculum also explores the health benefits of diverse, home-cooked meals. The curriculum intends to nurture pupils’ love for cooking, while promoting a healthy and balanced approach to food.


At NRHS, the History curriculum intends to build on pupils’ natural curiosity and enable them to make connections between past events and how such milestones have shaped the world in which they live.


At NRHS, the Horticulture curriculum intends to introduce pupils to the natural world, inspiring them to think about the importance of food production, healthy eating, environmental awareness and the future stewardship of the natural environment.


At NRHS, the Music curriculum intends to foster creativity and equip pupils with practical industry skills to ready them for future careers in the music industry. Music at NRHS encourages freedom of expression through providing a comprehensive music education with individualised learning at its heart.


At NRHS, the PSHE curriculum intends to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes pupils need to keep healthy and safe, and prepared for life and work. The curriculum intends to promote healthy relationships, community cohesion, British Values and respect fort faith and tolerance.


At NRHS, the RE curriculum intends for pupils to be able to describe their own beliefs and why they are important to them, whilst being open to learn about different perspectives and beliefs, including those who do not follow a religion.


At NRHS, the Spanish curriculum intends to give all pupils the opportunity to study a foreign language and develop their interest in other cultures as global citizens.