In addition to following the National Curriculum at NRHS, we have a comprehensive enrichment programme to enhance pupils’ learning opportunities and help pupils develop emotionally and socially. This programme allows pupils to develop their intra-personal skills and self-image, improve social skills, and build friendships. The enrichment programme is an opportunity for pupils’ learning experiences to be extended into the community and exposed to experiences they would not have ordinarily outside of school.

Swimming:  We want our pupils to develop healthy habits and understand that consistent exercise will support their physical and mental development. Our message to pupils is that exercise is fun, and one way to incorporate exercise into their lives is by learning how to swim. The coaching sessions take place in our local swimming pool and are taught by a swimming coach. The coach has designed the programme with the needs of our pupils in mind and creates opportunities for pupils to learn how to get in and out of the pool safely, control breathing, float and tread water, and swim with forward motion. Swimming is available to pupils from Year 1 to year 11.

Horse Riding:  We know that horse riding has many proven psychological benefits such as stress release, outdoors helping to release endorphins, affection from horses helping us to learn how to form relationships, and the soothing rocking motion from riding a horse can help to calm the central nervous system, which can help us regulate our emotions. During Horse riding lessons, pupils practise giving the horses simple commands such as “walk on”, learn how to care for a horse, and use a range of horse-riding equipment such as stirrups, a saddle and reins. Pupils are encouraged to show respect for animals as they explore walking and trotting around the stables.

Diverse Voices: Self-confidence and self-expression are essential life skills that we want our pupils to develop during their time at NRHS. Our drama lessons are run by an external company called “Diverse Voices.” Pupils will participate in workshops to build their confidence, self-expression and creativity using drama and role play. The objectives are to engage pupils who have limited access to the arts and use Performing Arts as a vehicle to explore issues and topics relevant to our pupils.

Horticulture: Many pupils need to spend more time outdoors, and we are on a mission to change that!  Learning about where our food comes from and how it is produced is an essential life skill.  During the time pupils spend on the allotment, pupils learn about the journey our food goes on before it ends up in the supermarket and on our plates. Pupils learn how to plant and harvest crops such as pumpkins, strawberries, potatoes, etc. and are even able to make delicious meals in our food technology classroom using the produce they have grown.

Bikeability: Learning to ride a bike is like a right of passage for young people, but many of our pupils live in residential areas, which means cycling can be dangerous, resulting in pupils not being able to enjoy riding their bikes.  To remove this barrier and support our pupils, we work alongside Bikability, a Government-approved course for pupils that offers a Road Safety Cycling Course. The programme promotes cycling as a life skill so pupils can cycle safely and with confidence. Pupils are issued with a certificate on completion of the course.