Year 10 Careers Fair

The Waltham Forest College Careers Fair was an eye-opening experience for our Year 10 pupils. They had the opportunity to meet, speak and listen to representatives from some of the most prestigious companies and institutions in the country. They gained invaluable insights into the career options that exist in our rapidly evolving job market. This included ASK Apprenticeships, the Metropolitan Police, KPMG and Big Creative Academy just to name a few, all with the aim of inspiring and motivating the pupils to think about the options available to them, from Apprenticeships to Further Education.

Our pupils were lucky enough to hear from multiple guest representatives who explained the different industries and the various career paths that can be taken. They learnt about topics such as Corporate Training, Apprenticeships, and University study. Furthermore, representatives from each sector highlighted the different skills and aptitudes needed to succeed in each profession.

The purpose of our pupils visiting the Careers Fair was to provide them with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the types of career paths and options available to them, as well as to inspire them to gain the necessary GSCE grades required to enable them to follow their dreams.

The day was a huge success, helping to raise their awareness of the variety of options available to them after the leave school. It also served as a great platform for them to meet potential employers and future mentors within different sectors.

A big thank you to Waltham Forest College for giving us the opportunity to attend the Careers Fair and giving our pupils the chance to see the opportunities that are available to them in the future.