Visit to Foodbank

As part of the school’s Enrichment programme, pupils in Y8 will be visiting Local Community projects and Charities this half term.This week they went to the local Food Bank in Ilford to learn about charity work within the local community .  The pupils took some food donations that they had collected, which they learnt would be given to two families that find the services offered by the Food Bank an invaluable source of support. 

The Co-ordinator at the Food Bank explained why the Food Bank was set up and answered the pupils questions around who and why people use the Food Bank.  The pupils were really interested to learn why people needed the Food Bank, who pays for the food and how is it collected and distributed. They were really surprised to learn that most of the people that work at the Food Bank are not paid for the work that they do and willingly volunteer their time to help those who are less fortunate than themselves. 

They found this visit inspiring and are keen to learn more about other projects that support people within the Local Community.​