To Space and Beyond

Sapphire class visited The Planetarium in the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The Planetarium has a dome-shaped ceiling and extremely comfortable seats, pupils watched in awe a film show ‘Meet the Neighbours’. They learnt so much about the different planets and stars in our Solar System (we even got to see some rare photos inside some planets!).

After the film show they went and stood on the Prime Meridian, which divides the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Before heading back to school, we visited the Cutty Sark. She was one of the fastest Tea Clippers to be built. Pupils learned that she only spent a few years on the tea trade before turning to the trade in wool from Australia, they even had the chance to try and transport the wool from Sydney, Australia to London in 75 days, whilst playing a game.