Snakes Alive

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Today NRHS pupils enjoyed a visit from Snakes Alive who presented an educational hands-on experience of some infamous reptiles! We were greeted by Annie the tortoise, Dean the Iguana and Krystof the Red Saharan Uromastyx to name but a few.

All the pupils were thoroughly engaged and asked lots of questions. It was a challenging experience for some of us, especially holding the snakes, but we persevered and overcame our fears. Unfortunately, Ms Khan was still unable to overcome her fear of snakes! Maybe next year!

The pupils also appreciated learning about the reptiles; who knew that tortoises had a strong and painful bite on them and that Bearded Dragons dropped their tails when they are attacked by predators.

The pupils were extremely inquisitive and Becca and Daniel, who were presenting, were impressed by their thirst for knowledge and maturity.

One pupil said: ‘I wasn’t scared as I have held snakes before, but it was really interesting to learn why they shed their skins, what they eat and how long they can go for without eating.’

Some of our pupils were lucky enough to participate in paired and individual sessions, getting up close and personal with a Giant Cockroach and a Stick Insect called Sticky.

It was a absolutely wonderful day for all.