Santa Claus is Coming ….


Pupils and Staff alike have been working hard on their Christmas Displays.  Competition is fierce and everybody involved has been working extra hard on their year group Christmas Displays, ramping up the quality of the displays this year.

The displays were judged on originality, effort and impact on the senses; where plagiarism was suspected, the displays were quickly ruled out of the competition. There was some evidence that some displays had been sabotaged and CCTV evidence is being investigated to identify the culprits – all in the spirit of good humour it has to be said.

The winner of this year’s prize is a closely guarded secret, to be announced on the last day of term. Whilst the integrity of the judges is not being called into question, there are rumours that some unscrupulous members of the school community have been approaching the judges in an attempt to influence their final decision. This type of behaviour is not tolerated within the school where the values of courage, determination, equality, friendship, inspiration, perseverance and respect are always upheld.

Below are a few more of the displays produced by the school community.