Q&A – Christian Faith

As part of the PSHE curriculum, Helen, Heather and Velisha from Christian Faith visited the school, meeting Year 7 and Year 8 pupils, who took part in a Q&A session.

Our guests spoke about:

  • The birth of Jesus Christ
  • Creation of the World
  • How evolution and the Creation of the World by God be intertwined

Pupils questioned their evidence and also gave their opinions. One pupil asked ‘Was the light at the beginning of the Big Bang, because God said ‘Let there be light’ (Genesis)?

During this session pupils showed maturity and respect of each other’s differences and this was apparent in their behaviour and listening skills.

Other interesting questions asked by our pupils included;

  • If God created the Earth, then who created God?
  • Why were Jesus’ followers not as famous as Jesus, when they all died on the cross?

The pupils confidently articulated some great questions.

Velisha, shared her personal experience of how God helped her. She felt anxious and scared moving from school to school because her parents had to travel for work. She prayed that God would keep her away from feeling alone. Slowly, she built friendships and found ways to build resilience. She persevered and succeeded. She believed that her prayer to God allowed her to build a personal relationship with Him and strengthened her faith. She felt that God had helped her with her problems. ​

It was a really interesting discussion, which our pupils actively participated in. It helped them to have a better understanding of Christianity.