Project Head Start

As part of our careers programme, NRHS partnered with PEW Electrical and EVOLVE and ADAPT to support pupils in Years 10 and 11 in creating a health and wellbeing programme for staff, known as Project Head Start.

Our partners provided sponsorship so that pupils could complete an internal work programme. Pupils applied for roles in Marketing, Sales or Quality insurance. Some pupils were also given additional responsibilities such as managing teams or delivering presentations to staff.

The project was a great success. Pupils created and introduced staff to initiatives that improved their physical health and mental wellbeing. Pupils were given the incredible opportunity to interview in front of Liesbeth Rubinstein and Jason Clark. Liesbeth is one of our Governors and has worked within finance for many years and Jason is the Chairman of PEW Electrical, one of our sponsors.

We could not have completed the project without the engagement of staff, hard work from our pupils and the support from our Governors and sponsors.

PEW Electrical are suppliers of quality products to the lift and electrical industry and have been great advocates for our pupils, previously delivering workshops and employability visits.

EVOLVE and ADAPT provide early intervention and support for young people and have been working with past and present NRHS pupils for years.

After weeks of hard work, pupils were remunerated for their efforts. One parent said, “I love the idea that my son has been able to apply for a job, do the work, then get paid at the end. This will really help him in the real world.” We couldn’t agree more.