NRHS Olympics 2023

This year NRHS hosted its first ever NRHS Olympics. The day supported our pupils to express themselves through physical activities and sports. It helped them to take a break from their academic routine and enjoy the glorious sunshine whilst participating in outdoor activities.

The event was a wonderful mixture of challenge, competition, co-operation and fun. As well as the traditional Sprint Egg and Spoon Race and the Three-Legged Race, there was Javelin, Green Light Red Light, and Hoop events.

Each event allowed the pupils to be awarded medals of Gold, Silver or Bronze, for both individuals and Teams. The teams were made up of pupils of mixed abilities to enable everybody the opportunity of winning.

We made lots of unforgettable memories. Pupils demonstrated their talents and showcased their athletic strengths and abilities.

Some pupils eloquently put their objections across when they disagreed with some of the judge’s decisions, but accepted that the judge’s decision was final.

The winning team was led by Ms Poffley and Mr Ledger.

The wonderful Canteen staff treated us to fresh fruit, a super filling lunch and ice-lollies to keep everybody cool.