Jurassic Park Exhibition

The Year 7 group were rewarded for their hard work in Science with a visit to the Jurassic Park Exhibition.

The class were taken to London Excel on the school minibus. Everyone enjoyed the journey singing and laughing together.  It was great fun for all.

As pupils began to walk towards the entrance, the park, that was only once a promise, came to life right before their eyes. The excitement on the pupils’ faces when they came face to face with life sized dinosaurs was indescribable, as they witnessed the world famous Tyrannosaurus Rex come to life. As the pupils gazed on, one of them said, “This is the best trip I have ever been to”.

This was just the beginning. Pupils walked from room to room exploring the Hammonds Lab the centre of genetics creation, visiting the beautiful, but deadly, Indominus Rex and watching on as Stiggy made an appearance. They also had the opportunity to touch some of the baby dinosaurs.

All pupils enjoyed their experience at the Jurassic Park Exhibition. After walking around the exhibition the pupils had built up an appetite, so we all got back on the minibus to drive to a nearby restaurant.  There we enjoyed some delicious food including burgers and milkshakes, and had some well earned social time before heading back to school. ​