Glow and Go


Pupils in Ruby and Topaz were treated to a sensory-themed workshop with a special visit from Glow and Go, a fitting reward for a very positive half-term of learning and growing.

Rosie from the entertainment team transformed some of the pupils into their favourite superhero characters and animals; some were even more transformed with a dash of glitter for extra sparkle. Pupils enjoyed looking through all the wonderful examples of face paint designs and then choose their favourite design for themselves. During this time, pupils showed that they could be patient, by sitting quietly, although it was very hard as the paint brushes were extremely tickly! Pupils watched on, as their friends had their faces painted.

Next, it was time to explore balloon modelling and the pupils saw a range of designs being made from flowers to dogs. A few people in the room jumped when the balloons went pop but they managed themselves really well when the balloons burst!​ The pupils enjoyed playing together with their balloons and one of the boys gave his teacher a balloon flower.

Finally, it was time to have fun with the bubble machine. Pupils used their balloon models or their fingers to pop the bubbles before they hit the floor. It was great to see how well the pupils shared their space and time together and enjoyed making fun memories as a group.