GCSE Results Summer 2020

With the risk of Covid-19 affecting school attendance this year GCSE exams were cancelled.  Instead, schools were asked to submit predicted grades for pupils based on their performance (effort and progress) made from the start of Year 10 until March 23rd 2020.

At the last minute, and after much controversy in the media, it was decided that pupils would be awarded these Centre-assessed grades (CAGs) rather than apply an algorithm that would place them on a bell-curve.  This was very much to the advantage of pupils who do not perform well under the pressure of exam conditions but a disadvantage to anybody planning to leave their studies to the last minute and cram their learning just before they sat an exam!

I am pleased to report that our Year 11s had, on the whole, applied themselves well throughout the Key Stage 4 and the results were very pleasing.

All pupils were awarded a grade in every GCSE subject they were entered for.

50% of pupils achieving a grade 4 and above in English.

25% of pupils achieved grade 4 or above in Maths, Science and History.

60% of pupils were awarded grade 4 or above in Art.

100% of pupils passed their BTEC Food Technology.

We would like to thank all pupils, teachers, support staff and long-suffering families for their hard work in achieving this.