Future Prospects …






As part of the school’s Careers Programme, a group of pupils, who have expressed in interest in a career in E-Gaming, were taken to the college of North East London to experience their Games Design course. The trip gave the pupils an insight into what attending college is like, what the Games Design course involves and what entry level qualifications they would need to achieve when taking their GCSEs.

Marek Morzuch, the course tutor, met us and took us on a tour of the college before showing us the Gaming Suite. Our pupils were amazed at what the college had to offer. Some of Marek Morzuch’s pupils had set up gaming PCs, consoles and Games Design Software for our pupils to try.

Pupils were able to experience a day in the life of a college pupil and they were absolutely blown away and excited by the prospect of going to college when they leave NRHS.

One pupil said: “I’ve been feeling unsure about what to do next. I have never really enjoyed going to lessons, but this recent trip sparked my interest in studying e-Sports. I think a college course in e-Sports will be the best move for me, to get the necessary skills to have a career in the field. I’m excited to attend this college and look forward to studying a subject I think I will really enjoy.”

We thank Marek Morzuch, his teaching staff and the college pupils for being amazing hosts, and inspiring our pupils.