Careers Programme Visit

Our Year 9 pupils had a memorable trip to the Mott MacDonald office in Central London. Pupils came face-to-face with one of the leading global engineering consultancy firms.

The trip provided our pupils with a great opportunity to experience what a modern office looks like with an engaging insight into the world of engineering. The pupils were informed of the inner workings of a global engineering company such as the various departments and different roles carried out by the staff.

Year 9’s also had the opportunity to participate in a workshop organised by Mott MacDonald Engineers. The pupils were given an introduction to the Engineering Design process as well as the important aspects of planning and problem-solving.

The pupils were engaged in a group activity and gladly accepted the challenge of designing and building a tall structure. Using a collection of Lego blocks, they demonstrated the collaborative approach taken by professional Engineers.

The visit provided the pupils with a unique opportunity to explore a professional environment, discover all the potential roles in the workplace and be inspired by the everyday contributions of Engineers.

After the trip one of our pupils said “I found the trip very inspirational and educational, it allowed me to get a better understanding of construction and how profits work and this will help them in the future.”

We would like to thank Mott MacDonald for inviting us to visit their offices and making it a day our pupils will not forget. Our class was humbled by the generosity of the Engineers who gave up their time to discuss a world of career opportunities within this sector.