Black History Performance

Hello my name is Nicholas Straghan-Roy and I am in year 8

Today I am going to tell you what my class and I did in English for Black History Month, I hope you like it.

We wrote a song for Black History Month to show that everyone is equal in every way.

I was involved in writing the song and also sang with other students in my class.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Does it matter if you’re white of black?
I swear I’ma having a panic attack
Black people dying left and right
It’s even more dangerous at night
It’s always either fight or flight 

Chorus (Nicholas)
Does it matter that I don’t look like you?
Does it matter if I don’t talk like you?
Does it matter?
Does it matter?
I’m me, we’re unique, we’re free.

We performed to 15 people and they really liked it. We hope to also perform to some of the Primary pupils so that they can get the message that we are all equal and racism is not acceptable.