Black History Month

For Black History Month this year the theme was ‘Proud to Be.’ We wanted the pupils to take pride in the different ethnicities and cultures at New Rush Hall School; we focused on Kings and Queens from Africa and food from around the world.

Each year group had a different King or Queen designated to their class and they all had a wonderful time making art collages and fact files. They were presented in assembly at the end of the month and displayed around the school for everyone to see and read. The Kings and Queens in each class were as follows:

Year 6 – Yaa Asantewaa
Year 5 – Ewaree II
Year 4 – Queen of Sheba
Year 3 – Cleopatra

Year 6 used a mixed cloth collage as a background for an outline of Yaa Asantewaa. This created a beautiful abstract feel and they were so enthused to show off their work to the rest of the school. They included facts about her early childhood, her accomplishments and challenges she faced in her life.

Year 5 worked on a group project of Ewaree II that included pictures, information about his life and accomplishments and they made their own beaded necklaces.

Year 4 created beautiful mixed media portraits of The Queen of Sheba using glitter, colouring pencils and metallic sheets. They focused on information about her relationship with King Solomon and stories in about her in the bible and Qu’ran.

Year 3 worked on Cleopatra and done a range of different tasks including Nemes with their faces attached, spellings of their names in hieroglyphics, Pharaoh costume designs and fact files about her life.

During breakfast times, the children were also able to try a range of different foods that are eaten in countries in the Caribbean and Africa, such as plantain chips, hard dough bread and Jamaican ginger cake. The children were able to ask questions and share their own food experiences and what they eat in their homes and within their cultures.