Birds of Prey Workshop


To complement our Chinese New Year celebrations, which are deeply rooted in the significance of animals, a Birds of Prey workshop was organised for the pupils.

Our thrilling Birds of Prey workshop helped pupils to learn about Birds of Prey in a safe, managed and controlled environment. The workshops covered a range of curriculum-based topics including habitats, food chains, life cycles and conservation.

Pupils met ‘Suede’ the Eurasian Eagle Owl; a magnificent and majestic Owl with gloriously coloured feathers perfectly adapted to camouflage in different environments. We learnt that these Owls have twice the quantity of bones in their necks (compared to Humans), which allows them to turn their necks a full 270o. An exceptional example of evolutionary modification through natural selection. Dan, the presenter, showed the pupils the specialised feathers, which allow the Owl to fly through the air very quietly and approach its prey undetected.

‘Igor’ the Kestrel was extremely noisy! Being male, he is much smaller than the female in size. We learnt that Falcons hunt in groups so that young birds get a chance to practice their hunting skills with their parents before they have to survive on their own. Last but not least, we all met ‘Kit’ the Barn Owl. Dan informed us that Kit he reared Kit by hand and she was 5 years old. Kit has learnt from experience that being loud and noisy will get you the most food and as she was hungry, she was doing just that!

Thank you to all the staff who supported the Workshops today. Well done to the pupils for asking some very good questions and listening attentively to Dan. But a bigger thank you to Suede, Kit and Igor – Our Birds of Prey!