This year NRHS began our anti-racism initiative to ensure equity for all pupils and staff within the school. We have re-evaluated policy, behaviour management and training to ensure that we are actively working to mitigate the impact of racism within society.

As part of this initiative, we have created the role of Equality Co-ordinator to provide training and support for the school community, surrounding issues on race and identity. An integral part of this role is to run regular anti-racism workshops. The intention of these workshops is to give staff a space where they can learn and talk about racism, without judgement, and to better understand the differences in lived experiences due to race, informing their practice and relationships with our pupils. 

The aim is to cultivate a culture and environment that encourages honest and open dialogue around race and actionable strategies to improve the lives and education of all of our pupils. We want them to leave NRHS with perspective and empathy and an anti-racist mindset that will serve them and their communities in all that they do.