To the Pyramids and Beyond

Today Sapphire Class went to Horizon of Khufu, an Immersive VR Experience in Westfield Shopping Centre. They went to enhance the work they have been doing on Pyramids in their History lessons.

This term in History, Sapphire have been learning about the Mayan civilisation. Pupils have been studying and researching where the Mayans ruled, using their geographic knowledge. They  also investigated Mayan beliefs, focusing on the importance of religion and rituals carried out by the Mayan people. Pupils have explored the Mayan way of life, their food, clothing and their homes.

The Mayans are best known for their majestic pyramids that were painted red. They had steep steps for Mayans to climb and were used in religious rituals to please or appease the gods. At the exhibition, Sapphire class had the opportunity to ‘visit’ Ancient Egypt, a civilisation much older than that of the Mayans.  The Egyptians built the first pyramids.

The graphics were excellent and the experience was both educational and entertaining. The ‘journey’ included flying above the ancient cities and sailing down the river Nile. The pupils had a great day out, behaviour was excellent and the pupils were a credit to NRHS.