Let’s Go Skating

As a Class Reward for all of the pupils’ hard work this term, Sapphire class went skating at the Lea Valley Ice Centre. As only one of the pupils had skated before, this was a new experience for the other pupils in the class.  They arrived at 11.00 am and were eager to get their skates on, which was a lesson in itself!

The pupil who had skated before took to the ice immediately and shot off around the rink. The other pupils weren’t so confident holding on to the side whilst tentatively taking their first steps on the rink, even Mr Hedley looked unsteady on his feet. Eventually, with lots of encouragement from each, other all pupils were skating more confidently, though Mr Hedley still looked unsteady.

All the pupils said they had a great time, there was much laughter. They fell but picked themselves up and went again.  They all showed great determination, perseverance and teamwork as they skated around the rink.

Behaviour was excellent and all the class were polite and friendly with everyone they met. They all said that this was something they would like to try again.