Let the Music Play

New Rush Hall School was chosen to be the location for a music video!!!

Yung T.G.E., a 9-year-old musician from London, used New Rush Hall School as the location for his new music video ‘I Believe’. ‘I Believe’ promotes positivity and the message shares many parts of our school’s ethos, such as Perseverance and Determination. Many pupils in our school had already listened to Yung T.G.E.’s music so they were really excited for him to attend.

The day went really well, with pupils getting involved and dancing with the young musician. One pupil was so inspired that in his next art lesson, he created a portrait, which Yung T.G.E. was gracious enough to sign.

All of our pupils at NRHS are looking forward to seeing the finished video in a few weeks. Watch this space…