Learning From History

To support their work during Science, under the topic ‘Animals including Humans’, Amethyst class visited the Natural History Museum.

When we arrived at the Museum, the pupils were amazed by the size and design of the building. Once inside the magnificent building, we started out exploring the Human Evolution Exhibition. Pupils were able to name some of the bones they recognised in the human skeletons as well as compare how they have changed over time.

We then moved on to the Dinosaur skeletons. These were a favourite with both the adults and pupils. The group were fascinated by the animated, life-size model T-rex and spent a long time watching the movements.

Pupils enjoyed looking at the range of fossils on display and were able to reflect back on previous learning and recall what they had learnt about Mary Anning and her fossil discoveries. Lots of the group said looking at the fossils was their favourite part of the day.

They were all very excited to see a real Amethyst gem and wanted their photo taken with it to go up in class.