Inspired by College Visit

As part of our school’s Careers Programme, a group of enthusiastic pupils recently went on a special trip to North East London College. This year’s visit was bigger and better than before, offering a chance to explore E-Sports, Music Production, as well as more traditional subjects.

Guided by the friendly tutor Marek Morzuch, our pupils were welcomed into the college and taken on a tour. They first visited the Gaming Suite, where they saw advanced Gaming Technology and Software. This experience sparked their interest in E-Sports and left them excited to learn more.

The adventure didn’t stop there. They also got to visit the college’s modern Music Studio. Pupils had the opportunity to record their own songs and dive into the world of Music Production. This hands-on experience inspired many of our pupils and opened their minds to new possibilities of a career in the Music industry.

In addition to these activities, pupils also got a glimpse into the Media Studies Suite, giving them insights into another aspect of college life.

One pupil commented: ‘I didn’t realise how different college life would be, it was really interesting to visit the college and it has given me the inspiration to do well in my final exams so that I gain the grades needed to go to college.”

Overall, the trip was a great success, thanks to the support of Marek Morzuch, the teaching staff, and the college community. Our pupils left feeling energised and motivated to pursue their interests and education with passion. We are excited to continue offering such enriching experiences for our pupils in the future, with more visits to other colleges planned.