If you go down to the woods today

Ruby class visited Hainault Forest. In Science they have been learning about Food Chains and Habitats and the children were excited to visit a real forest habitat.

When we first arrived at the forest, the pupils were amazed by all the Geese at the pond.  We went into the forest where we saw nests high up in the trees and bird feeders. We found a pile of wooden logs and worked together to build a Den. One pupil said “Can we take a picture inside our den that we have built”.

We went on to have lots more fun; swinging, jumping, climbing and running through the forest. The pupils were having a great time, with one other pupils saying “We have all had fun playing in the forest”.

Unfortunately, it began to rain quite heavily, so we headed to the warmth of the Visitor Centre where we learnt about some of the animals and the history of Hainault forest. The pupils learnt that the forest had been owned by the Royal Family. The children remembered the learning about Kings and Queens in earlier lessons and were amazed that the Royal Family had owned the forest.

They listened to the sounds of the bird and measured themselves against the size of a deer. When the rain eased, we went to the Farm and saw some of the farm animals, although most of them were hiding inside their huts.

We enjoyed a tasty lunch of hot dogs and chips before returning back to school. On the way back to school all of the pupils said that it was a really fun day.