Dig for Victory


To link with the Autumn Term Themed Topic ‘Local Area Study: WWII and the Blitz’ pupils in Sapphire class dressed up as soldiers and re-created ‘Dig for Victory’ on the school’s Allotment.

In 1939 the British Ministry of Agriculture launched the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign. During a time of rationing during WWII, people across the country were encourage to grow their own food in their gardens and allotments.

To tie in with the WWII theme, our very own Site Manager – himself an ex-squaddie, taught the pupils how to Stand to Attention, Stand at Ease and Salute.

The pupils re-created an Air Raid and hid under the camouflage net when the Air Raid Siren went off. Staff threw mud on the camouflage net to simulate debris from a bomb!

The class managed to clear a vegetable bed in between the ‘bombings’ using some old tools.

At the end of lesson, the pupils cleaned the tools and took part in an Army Training Session which included crawling under the tarpaulin and five press-ups to finish.

The pupils enjoyed doing this so much they had to do it a second time as they wanted to improve the time that they completed this in. The best time was 22 seconds.

We are not sure who enjoyed this lesson more, the pupils or our Site Manager.