Bringing Stories to Life

Ruby Class visited the Discovery Centre in Stratford as a part of Space week. The Discovery Centre is a Children’s Story Centre that encourages play, creation and discovery. The children explored two floors of magical Story Worlds and a Story Garden – with immersive, exploratory play spaces where the children and their imaginations could roam.

They crept through caves, found hidden ships and performed in a Puppet Castle. They jumped over Alligators and captained spaceships, visited a Tree House with chicken legs and discovered mysterious hidden sculptures.

They ate their picnic lunch outside in the garden, under the warm winter sun, before heading off for an Intergalactic adventure in The Box Rocket. An immersive exhibition with an extraordinary world of play and storytelling. They hopped in The Box Rocket and travelled on an Intergalactic adventure to a peculiar planet. Commander Dapo gave them an important mission and the children explored the planet Nan to find the words needed to relight the magic Story Stone. They had lots of fun exploring and playing with other children who were also visiting.