3.2 Climb the O2

After a form time discussion, Year 8 decided that they would like to challenge themselves to climb the O2.

Pupils certainly developed their NRHS values of Friendship, Respect, Courage, Determination, Perseverance and Resilience to make the 52 metre climb.

Pupils listened respectfully to the important instructional safety talk before putting on their harnesses and beginning their ascent. All of the class demonstrated excellent listening skills throughout the climb, understanding the importance of following the instructor’s direction. The weather was damp and misty so the surface was slippery underfoot. Courage was needed by all!

Once we had reached the viewing platform, the instructor complimented all of the pupils on their excellent behaviour and climbing skills. We were then allowed to unclip our harnesses and walk around the platform searching for London landmarks on the skyline. With one pupil commenting: ‘All of London looks so close up’.

We were all surprised to find that the descent was far more challenging. The instructor told us all to turn around and climb down backwards! We were reassured that this was safer! We also had to position our feet at 90 degrees to prevent slipping!

Everyone safely reached the ground feeling a great sense of achievement!