Virtual Reality Visit

Pupils were treated to an engaging and immersive educational Virtual Reality Experience on a variety of different topics including Volcanoes, Wonders of the World, Ancient Mayans, Aurora Borealis and Rainforests. Each class took part in a workshop which compliments the curriculum.

These opportunities give the pupils a deeper and richer understanding of the curriculum. It also helps ignite the curiosity and imagination of pupils. One member of staff stated ‘it felt so real that she had to ‘remove her headset to avoid the tarantula’.

Ms Kimber and a pupil from Class 3.1, said they ‘visited Russia and Peru, took a helicopter ride around an active volcano and came face to face with a lion!

Stephen, from Prime VR, commented on how ‘inquisitive, intelligent and well behaved the pupils were’. He also said that the pupils spoke about science he had no knowledge of; definitely a learning experience for all.