Track and Trace

Callie with pupils

When the Metropolitan Police Dog Unit visited the school with Callie, Brodie and Sadie, pupils were extremely interested to learn about the role of dogs within the Metropolitan Police.

Callie, a German Shepherd, will be retiring soon due to an injury sustained whilst carrying out her duties. She is a General Purpose Dog and carries out most roles required which include forensic evidence, firearms, cash and drug searches.

Sadie, also a German Shepherd, is in the middle of her 13-week training course. Once she has passed her training she will also be a General Purpose Dog.

Whilst Brodie, a Cocker Spaniel, carries out more specialised roles such as assisting in searches for missing people.

Pupils watched eagerly as the dogs followed a scent trail and wanted to know what would happen to Callie when she retired. They were very pleased to learn that Callie will continue to be looked after by her handler once she retires.