Reptile Day at NRHS


Pupils enjoyed a visit from ‘Snakes Alive’ who presented an educational and hands-on experience of some infamous reptiles! We were greeted by Annie the tortoise, Deano the Iguana and Krystof the Red Saharan Uromastyx to name but a few.

All the pupils were thoroughly engaged and asked lots of questions. It was a challenging experience for some of us, especially holding the snakes, but we persevered and overcame our fears.

The pupils also appreciated learning about the reptiles; who knew that tortoises had a strong and painful bite on them and that Bearded Dragons ‘dropped’ their tails when they are attacked by predators.

Meanwhile, in the dining hall, dinosaurs including a Raptor were on the loose! Our Primary pupils were super rangers, capturing them. We were all rewarded with ice cream and dinosaur biscuits!

It was an absolutely wonderful day for all. ​