Project Headstart 2


We were fortunate enough to be provided funding for a work project by Seema and the Enstar group. The purpose of the funding was to support work in the community in line with the company ethos. Two roles and separate projects were created from the funding, Diversity Ambassador and Football Coach. Pupils in years 9 and 10 were able to apply for both roles.

The first role involved creating presentations promoting diversity within sport, which were then delivered to primary school-aged children. Pupils who applied then made presentations that had to be informative and engaging. The presentations that were deemed to meet this specification best were then delivered to a year 5 or 6 class. 5 pupils created projects and were remunerated for their work.

The second role was that of a football coach. We partnered with a company called Sporting Pillars which deliver regular football coaching sessions for disadvantaged children.  The founder and director of Sporting Pillars, Sham Motin, visited the school to deliver training to the aspiring football coaches. Pupils then had to route plan to ensure they were on time for work at 9:30am on a Sunday. Pupils were partnered with FA-qualified coaches to deliver a football session for young people. 4 pupils were able to complete the training. They were graded on their performance by their coaches and were paid bonuses based on performance. They were also financially penalised if they arrived late.

Pupils were able to develop their presentation skills while improving their confidence. They were given the tools to educate themselves while inspiring others. Pupils were given real-world work experience while faced with real-world consequences. One pupil, who worked across both projects, earned £150 in total. Thank you Seema and the Enstar group for your commitment and support.