New Sensory Room

Before                                                                            After

We are pleased to announce, after months in the planning, the Sensory Room project is now complete. The aim of developing this room was to create a controlled sensory-focused room that will enable staff to create an individually-tailored environment to meet the needs of a particular pupil.

The room will enable staff to create a calming and stress-relieving atmosphere to meet the emotional and cognitive needs of individual pupils with sensory needs.

Equipment within the room aims to stimulate pupils using sight, sound and smell and includes colour changing fiber optics and bubble tube, a light ladder that responds to sound and vibration, a built-in sound system, comfort rug and weighted blankets, an essential oil diffuser, projector and interactive wall panels.

We look forward to introducing the pupils to the Sensory Room so that they can start benefitting from sensory experiences which aim to meet their sensory needs.

Fiber Optics

Glitter Ball