It’s behind you …

NRHS’ annual Pantomime visit for Secondary and Sapphire Class was a great success. We left early on a double-decker bus and travelled to the Theatre Royal in Stratford to watch an Egyptian-style twist on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella.

The show started promptly and dramatically with show-stopping original music and singing by the lead actress Gracie McGonigal. She was an absolutely phenomenal lead and the show was full of fountains of laughs, bringing big grins and a feeling of warmth with festive spirits. It really set the tone for Christmas.

For years the Theatre Royal has astounded its audiences and critics, this year being no different. It featured all the right ingredients. It had magical sets and costumes, a very diverse and inclusive cast and it turned a classic story on its head to make it relevant to our local community and beyond.

Our pupils took part in the singing and interaction with the cast and some even stood up and showed off our dance moves! We returned to a hot lunch and some tutor time. A wonderful end to a theatrical day.