Hollywood Bowl trip

Year 8 pupils chose to go bowling for their team-building reward trip.

The class took the minibus to Hollywood Bowl to show off their bowling skills and enjoy a McDonald’s lunch.

Staff and pupils split into two groups to add a bit of competition to the visit. The first game was a bit rusty with most balls rolling down the gutters, but with a little practice, one or two pins started to fall.

Mr Olayinka showed them how it was done, one hand in his pocket, his knee slightly bent he “let the ball loose like a caged bird and the ball found its destination.”  The only thing greater than the strike was his ego! Following Mr Olayinka’s example, by game two, several pupils and staff had managed to hit strikes.

All the pupils really enjoyed participating in this group activity, cheering and encouraging each other throughout the game. They offered friendly advice to each other and demonstrated great perseverance.

Then it was off to Maccy-D’s for a well-deserved burger and drink before heading back to the school in high spirits.