Extreme Education – Sky News

“I think that the education system is not set up well enough at the moment to be able to help funnel children succeed.”
Ms Anne Longfield – Chair, Commission Young Lives

Sky News has spoken to education leaders who say there are not enough special schools to support children with behavioural and mental health needs.

They visited the school to film what support is available to children with special needs. As borne out within the newsreel, there are insufficient provisions who have the knowledge, skills, experience, understanding and empathy to support these children, support which is available at New Rush Hall School.

“We are a special school where you can’t see the disability, you see the trauma as a physical thing. You see the behaviour that comes from it. I can completely understand why people see our types of kids as troublemakers but that’s because they are troubled. I definitely don’t see them as troublemakers, I see them as kids that need support, they need help.”
Mr Sam Walters – Executive Headteacher, New Rush Hall School

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