An unforgettable experience


Secondary pupils recently enjoyed a 4-night residential stay at PGL, Surrey.

Mr Walters commented: “This was an amazing experience for the pupils, many of whom had never spent a night away from their Parents/Carers. All of our pupils have complex needs and challenges and the trip needed to be planned with military precision. A special mention goes out to Ms Bibby and Ms Tully who spent many months planning the trip.

“Many staff supported throughout the whole trip and I would like to thank each and everyone who came along to support the pupils. Whilst the trip was not without its challenges there were many, many special moments; it was an unforgettable trip that will live in the memories of all who attended for a very long time.”

One pupil who attended said: “At first I was not sure about going but I am so glad I didn’t miss it, I enjoyed the Archery the best, it’s harder to do than it looks.”

Another pupil said that the Raft Building was the best: “I can’t believe it actually floated but the best bit was pushing everybody off the raft into the lake.”

Whilst another pupil enjoyed the Assault Course saying: “Some parts of the course were very challenging and very high but we all supported each other to get to the end.”

One Parent was so grateful to all the staff saying: “My son not only has to manage his Autism but also has very complex health needs. I was very nervous about letting him go on the trip but didn’t want him to miss out on such an amazing experience. Initially, we agreed for him to stay two nights but he didn’t want to come home and stayed for the entire trip. I can’t believe he did that, I am so proud of him.”

Photos from the trip

A walk in the woods

By the Camp Fire toasting marshmallows


Raft Building


The Rifle Range