Football team progress

Team tactics – penalty taking

Pre-match training

The NRHS KS3 football team has been registered to take part in a monthly league and tournament. Each month pupils attend Long Lane Football Club in South London to take part in the league and tournament.

It is a six-a-side league/tournament with each game lasting 20 minutes. Throughout the day the teams will play on average three games. Two league games and one tournament game.

Sixteen pupils make up the squad, with a maximum of 10 players attending the tournament each month. The players are rotated so that all pupils within the squad have an equal opportunity of representing the school and participating in the league and tournament.

The pupils have really embraced this experience. They are benefitting from the social interaction with other schools and it is giving them a better understanding of the importance of teamwork.

The pupils are really working well together and putting in some amazing team performances, with all pupils playing their part even if they are not on the pitch at the time.

The pupils are drawing upon many of the values we instil at New Rush Hall – Courage, Determination, Friendship, Inspiration, Respect and Resilience.

Last month the team won one, drew one and lost one.

This month the team won all three games.

We look forward to watching the team grow and develop throughout the year and wish them every success.