Tremendous Talent

Does New Rush Hall School have talent? It most definitely does, and a lot of it at a very high level! A total of 8 acts participated in our inaugural Talent Show. The quality of talent on display was at an incredibly impressive level which left the audience amazed.

What makes a Talent Show such an important event in any school calendar is that is gives a range of pupils a platform to showcase their talents and an opportunity to develop both their performance skills and their confidence in front of a live audience.

With the stage built, the backdrop made, the curtains drawn and an amazing balloon arch created, the stage was set for the artists to perform. We were treated to a spectacle of amazing performances ranging from singers, musicians and talents with a difference.

A Year 8 pupil impressed us with his ability to touch type at very high speeds. He was then challenged to touch type blindfolded with Ms Kimber dictating a very difficult sentence. He was exceptional, scoring 100%. What an amazing feat!

Two Y9 pupils sang ‘Freeze your Brain’ from the theatre musical Heathers and ‘Saturn’ by Sza. We also discovered the massive voice of a Y10 pupil, who opened the show singing ‘Ordinary People’, a classic from John Legend, treating us to another John Legend classic ‘All of Me’, later on in the show.

One parent commented that they got goosebumps during the show as the performances were beyond their expectations.

With Ms Hodge on vocals, Ms Ross on Guitar and a Y8 on Bass Guitar they performed as a group act calling themselves ‘The Mandatory Snakes’. Ms Hodge was brilliant on vocals singing ‘Breakfast in America’ by Supertramp and the Bass Guitarist providing the foundation of the song. 

Another group that included two Y8 pupils on Drums alongside Mr Williams and Mr Morgan played ‘My Heart will go On’, the theme tune to Titanic followed by ‘Señorita’ by Justin Timberlake.There was also a surprise performance by Yung T.G.E., who kindly returned to NRHS after filming his video for ‘I believe’ in the Autumn Term. He blew us away with his impressive break-dancing moves, unbelievable vocals and confidence.

The finale of the show was a Y10 pupil, who showed that he was a natural performer, who led the audience with ‘Sweet Caroline’, joined on stage with all the acts who participated within the show. The whole audience participated enthusiastically singing along. They were in fine voice.

It’s not always easy to perform live on stage, so well done to all the pupils who took part in the Talent Show this year, their hard work and performances were absolutely marvellous and demonstrated real courage and fortitude. We look forward to all our acts continuing to develop their performance skills, ready for the many other upcoming opportunities and events. Watch this space!

Well done to the Music & Arts Team – Mr Morgan, Mr Williams, Mr Lock and Ms Green, whose passion and dedication to providing amazing opportunities for pupils is inspiring.