Snakes Alive

Today NRHS pupils enjoyed a visit from ‘Snakes Alive’ who presented an educational and hands-on experience of some infamous reptiles! We were greeted by Polly the Bearded Dragon, Dean the Iguana and Krystof the Red Saharan Uromastyx to name but a few.

All the pupils were thoroughly engaged and asked lots of questions. It was a challenging experience for some of us, especially holding the snakes but we persevered and overcame our fears. This year, Ms Khan was able to overcome her fear of snakes and was joined by other staff also battling their phobias and set an example to the pupils.

The pupils also appreciated learning about the reptiles; who knew Bearded Dragons 

‘dropped’ their tails when they are attacked by predators?  They were extremely inquisitive and Morgan and Daniel from Snakes Alive were impressed by the pupils’ thirst for knowledge and maturity. 

Some of our pupils were lucky enough to participate in paired and individual sessions, getting up close and personal with Grace the South American Boa Constrictor and Bhuna the Corn Snake.

Thank you to the Catering team for preparing ‘Dinosaur Cupcakes’ to coincide with International Dinosaur Day; the ancient ancestors of the the larger group of reptiles known as Archosaurs.

It was a wonderful day for all involved