Opening up a world of opportunities

The visit to the University of East London (UEL) was a significant first for our Year 10 pupils, as it was their first time stepping foot onto a university campus. The impact of this experience cannot be underestimated. Not only was the trip inspiring, but for many it was a pivotal moment, in which many realised that the possibility of attending university was a realistic option.

During the tour, we were shown the University’s vast facilities such as the on-site student accommodation, library and lecture halls, as well as being introduced to the array of courses that are available to study. This gave our pupils an opportunity to imagine themselves as University students and helped them to begin to develop an understanding of both the academic and social aspects of University life.

The positive and welcoming atmosphere of the University community made a lasting impression on our Year 10s, fostering a sense of belonging. One pupil shared, “I have never thought about going to University before but this trip has made me really interested.”

NRHS are hugely grateful to our host Tariq Petal the Partnerships Manager and Alvin a student at UEL, for providing such an impactful experience for our pupils. We appreciate their contribution in helping us to inspire NRHS pupils and providing them with a significantly different outlook to how a future in higher education would support their chosen career paths.