Winners – two years in a row

Many of the U16 team will be leaving NRHS at the end of this academic year after completing their GCSE exams. Having played together and winning the U14 league last year, they finished the season by coming top of the league and being crowned Champions. For the same team to be crowned Champions two years in a row, and in different year groups, is an amazing achievement. Huge congratulations go to the whole team and Coaching staff.

They have played football together for a number of years and have developed a very strong team bond which inspires them to play for each other. Gaining self-belief and confidence through playing football, they have learned how to deal with the disappointments that naturally come with playing the beautiful game, as well as enjoying the feelings of elation when the team have put in a good performance and won.

Whilst they all want to play every minute of the game, through football they have learnt many skills and strategies that they can take forward with them such as teamwork, managing disappointment, resilience and the importance of friendship.

Win or lose a game, they always show great sportsmanship and are a credit to the school.