Inspiring young Conservationists

Today, KS3 pupils visited Whipsnade Zoo for their Reward Trip. This Zoo and Safari Park is one of two owned by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a charity dedicated to the worldwide conservation of animals (3,626 animals) and their habitats. Whipsnade Zoo is the bigger sister of London Zoo.

Due to the size of the zoo, each minibus could drive between various animal enclosures and through an ‘Asian’ area where some animals roamed freely around the cars. At multiple points , we could leave the vehicles, enjoy the beautiful views of the hills, and get close to the animals. Highlights included Lions, Giraffes, Zebras, Bears and Rhinos. The Meerkats and their offspring were the favourites of the Year 7’s, while Year 8 preferred the Bears. Whipsnade allowed us to see large, majestic animals in vast habitats. All of our Key Stage 3 classes love animals and the visit was an adventurous brush with nature. We hope that will inspire some of our pupils to become Conservationists of tomorrow.

In Science this term Key Stage 3 pupils have studied Ecosystems and inter-dependence as well as increasing biodiversity. Whipsnade Zoo provides leading international breeding programmes which help protect the genetic health and diversity of species. Many of the species at the Zoo are critically endangered, or extinct in the wild, so breeding is important to their future survival. Where possible they also work to release animals back into the wild.

One pupil said: “This is the first time I have been so close to animals that I have only seen on TV, they are absolutely beautiful and amazing.”

We finished the day by running down the hill and enjoying a packed lunch before heading back to school. Despite the slightly chilly weather, there were smiles all around.