Developing skills through football

NRHS’s U12 football team are competing in the South London Special School League. It has been amazing to watch them develop their football skills, communication and interaction and overall team play, learning how to work together and playing against different schools.

Sean Nunn, a Y10 pupil who is completing a BTEC in Sports Leadership, is gaining practical experience by coaching the team, supported by Mr Browne and Mr Headley.

Members of the Primary Team, who support the pupils daily within the school, also join the team when they play, to give encouragement and instil self-belief.  It is really beneficial for them to observe how the pupils manage the emotional side of playing competitive football, a very emotional sport where the pupils have to learn strategies to deal with winning and losing a game.

The pupils have different abilities and skills, with the more naturally talented pupils encouraging and supporting their team members who are not as experienced in playing the beautiful game.

Naturally, they all feel anxious before a game and they are able to use the strategies they have been taught in school to be able to manage these feelings.