Coping Through Football – a Mum’s view

Raequan, at pupil at New Rush Hall School, was referred to Coping Through Football aged 9 by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) as  he had no social inclusion with children his age and his mental health was severely deteriorating after he had been permanently excluded in October 2021 from the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). He had been attending the PRU since the age of 5 and this was his third permanent exclusion. He could not cope in a mainstream setting and struggled with unexpected changes to his routine.

He had lost his trust in people of authority after a school accident aged 5 led to a severe break to his arm which required surgery. He had three failed attempts of reintegration back into mainstream schools but without any special educational needs and disabilities support (SEND)  he quickly became isolated from society.

He was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD on his 9th birthday in 2021 and he also presents as ODD.

Coping Through Football was a new beginning for Raequan; over time he built trust, understanding and solidified friendships with peers of all ages within the Coping Through Football community.

He attends every week and  he has blossomed into the lovely, funny, kind and caring young child we all know and love today.

Raequan has been able to show leadership, tenacity, strength and an unwavering ability of never giving up with all the odds stacked against him.

Since attending Coping Through Football Raequan was awarded an Education, Health and Care Plan which meant that he could attend a specialist school that could meet his needs.

In March 2022 Raequan was accepted by an out of borough school, New Rush Hall School, where he continues to make us as a family proud every day. The school love him and are so inclusive of children with additional needs and it shows as he continues to go from strength to strength.

He attends Power League each week with school and is a solid part of the school football team. He actually plays with the older children aged between 14-16 years old. His teachers are extremely proud of him and agree that he is a leader within his environment who recognises when to help others.

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